Sunday, May 22, 2011

Well, This Is Fun!

A tornado touched down and traveled around a bit at Hwy 394 & 100, and now one is developing at Como Lake, which is right near our house, so we've got sirens and weather reports and all sorts of excitement at the moment.  Which is delaying our trip to my folks' house, but providing entertainment that should give us something to talk about over the dinner table (once we actually get there).



krex said...

Thank goodness for a wi-fi connection, I spent 30 min in the bathroom with my laptop...BF and cats refused to join me but THEY have never lived in Kansas (or not seen the Wizard of OZ?)

Glad you all are safe now but are you as sick of all these days of cloudy skies as I am ?

Delighted Hands said...

Nothing like a tornado to add a bit of zip to your life! (I live on Lake Como Dr-near Lake Como here in FL for a bit of geographic trivia!)

Carrie K said...


mrspao said...

Hope you are ok!