Monday, May 12, 2008

Argh! Help!! Monsters!!!

You know those movies where the hapless heroine gets chased across the swamp, and she's running like crazy, and she's this thin little thing and in great shape, and the zombie/mummy/swamp monster is lurching at an incredibly slow pace... and yet he's gaining on her, and you know that she knows that she's doooooooooomed?

Because that is the nature of things when you are the hapless heroine and the thing that is menacing you is something completely outside of reason and sanity and everything that is good in the world, a moth monster so horrific that nothing a rational person could do will be sufficient to stop its terrible destructive path.

Yeah. That's me. The lady with the beautiful new bags of roving AND MOTHS IN HER HOUSE.

The lady with tons of allergies and sensitivities to chemicals, who is not going to live well in a house full of monster moth killing chemicals.

Help! I am marooned in the swamp, and surrounded! What should I do?

1 comment:

mrspao said...

Cedar blocks are good moth deterrents.