Friday, July 4, 2008

A Happy 4th

I thought we didn't have any plans for the Fourth.

My son has grown beyond the age where he has any desire to see the fireworks with his doddering, unfashionable old parents. Not that he doesn't want to have anything to do with things that explode - but now he wants to be the one that is doing the exploding, and he wants to be with his much cooler friends while doing it.

It was my husband, bless his heart, who reminded me that just because my grandmother had passed away between our last Independence Day and this does not mean that we couldn't spend the Glorious Fourth doing exactly what we've done on the last few occasions.

So we went down to St. Anthony Park Home and decorated a few wheelchairs, visited with some lovely people, and enjoyed being in/watching the St. Anthony Park 4th of July Parade, and generally enjoyed ourselves while being useful. My folks did the same, and afterwards we went out to lunch with my mom and went to the movies. Together. With our son.

It's dinner time, and Bren is off with his friends, probably doing something that involves things that go whizzzz and BANG!

But we've had a lovely day. We celebrated the Fourth, we made ourselves useful, we continued a newish family tradition...

... and I have the added pleasure of being reminded of our last Fourth of July.

Thanks for giving us our lovely new holiday tradition, Grandma, one that keeps our family celebrating together. We miss you.

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mrspao said...

Great big hugs to you. I'm so sorry about your grandmother.

Pirate is such a hero. That is a wonderful new tradition and excellent way of remembering your grandmother.