Monday, July 21, 2008

Tour de Fleece Update

I don't remember exactly what the official challenge I made for the Tour de Fleece was, but it was something about spinning all the fibre I had on hand into yarn. There was a reasonable amount on hand, I wanted to produce something I could eventually sell, so it seemed a reasonable challenge to make.

Katherine, being a sane person, kindly and tactfully reminded me that it would be okay to change my goal if, you know, things didn't go as planned. Or if I regained my reason. Whichever might come first.

The latter hasn't happened yet - understandable, since I can't regain what I never had.

So far I've done... let's see, 7 or 8 skeins. All 4oz., all fingering or light sport weight. I've got a couple ounces left on a bobbin (you've seen it before, I think), and have carded up a roving from some new-bought fleece and spun up a single (singles?) of something that hopefully will go nicely with it, and that will be another 4oz. skein.

I have one last bit of that older bunch of fibre that I'm going to finish carding up and turn into another 4oz. skein...

And then I'll be done. And even though I'll be out of commission Tuesday (that's today, I guess) for medical reasons, I am reasonably hopeful that I will be able to finish that last skein in the 4.5 days left of the Tour after that.

In spite of the fact that while I'm waiting for that second bobbin to 'rest', I'm letting myself get distracted from my goal and carding up some new and unrelated roving - the photo makes it look a bit more, um, exuberant than it actually is, but hopefully it will be cheery and fun...


Scientific Lutheran said...

Do you make yarn just for yourself, or do you make it to sell? You've had some BEAUTIFUL mixes lately, and I've been looking for some interesting yarn's to crochet blankets out of.

mrspao said...

Hope Tuesday goes ok. You've been producing some gorgeous yarn :)