Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Hitching a Ride

I've hit a sort of doldrums. Or a patch of chaos. Or something.

It's not that I'm not producing; it's that I'm producing very, very slowly and feel totally uninspired. It's not that I'm not doing anything else with my time; it's that I'm much too busy doing things that have to get done to do what I want to do. It's not that I'm not doing anything fun at all; it's just that the things that aren't fun are SO not fun that it sort of takes over everything else.

So I haven't been able to drum up the energy to blog, and I realize that this has gone on long enough now that I could be accused of being neglectful. I don't want to whine about my problems (not more than the above, anyway), on the theory that doing so will give them more power.

What to do instead?

I will rely on the brilliance of other people!! Specifically, the brilliance of my mother.

I'm going to milk this for everything it's worth. Which is a lot. Here's the story:

When I first announced the impending arrival of her first (and it turned out, only) grandchild, my mom decided to venture into the world of Quilting. She was going to make a baby quilt for the little Miracle (little did she know...)

Not being the sort of person who does things half way, my mom didn't just make a quilt. She made a Masterpiece. It took her from the time we told her about the impending Joyful Event (I think I was about three seconds pregnant) until the Joyful Event's first birthday to finish it.

And now you get to see why.

Here is one panel. The light is not good right now, so I have chosen a panel that doesn't require accurate color depiction:

A Rackham Cinderella, rendered in tiny black stitches.

Yeah. I've had days like this, too.


mrspao said...

Hug x Glad you managed to pop up again. That quilt panel is really lovely - I bet the quilt itself is incredible.

Nancy K. said...

It's easy to see where you got your TALENT!!!

I know exactly what you mean about noting having the time to do the things you enjoy. Hang in there girl ~ we're all waiting for you....