Friday, August 22, 2008

Panel the Third

I think I must resign myself to the greyness of mornings, and either accept that these photos will look off color-wise, or I must take to preparing my blog later in the day.


On a brighter note, it's time for the next quilt panel! Aren't you excited? I am!

To those who have voiced understandable concern: I am a control freak and a lover of beauty, so of course I did not put the quilt in the crib. The Joyful Event was a truly lovely baby (really - well, he was darned cute, anyway), but he excelled in spectacular emissions from all ends, and in terms of the results being fade-resistant, the dye companies should be calling him for advice. Even doting parenthood has limits, and this was mine - the quilt got tabs so that it could hang on the wall.

Our next panel is from "Bedtime For Frances", by Russell Hoban. It was a favorite of the Lovely Husband's when he was a child, and of the Joyful Event when he was old enough to understand the joys of manipulation and procrastination - given genetic predisposition, that was at about the time the quilt arrived.

Again, this was hand drawn and then done in teensy embroidery stitches. The woman was both inspired and a glutton for punishment.


Nancy K. said...

Does she do "commission work???? I am absolutely in AWE! (as I am of the wonderful yarn that you spin!)

mrspao said...

Wow! Your mother does amazing work. I'm not surprised you hung it on the wall though!