Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Admissions, Brags

Okay, first of all, the admissions:

The roving with the little bits of yarn did not work out. The little bits of yarn did not want to stay in the fiber as it was spinning, so that the ones that *did* stick were much too infrequent to be useful. I haven't given up - I will try it again when I have some light colored roving (or, conversely, very very dark colored roving) that isn't 50% silk.

In the meantime:

Is it permissible to brag about one's own child? I mean, I know pride goeth before a fall, and the perspective may not be so bright at the end of the semester, when he's totally burned out... but still, I'm pretty chuffed re the Thug.

First of all, he's still officially a high school student, but he's taking a *heavy* full time credit load in college. He's writing articles for the college newspaper and getting praise from the editors, in spite of the fact that he's a self-declared liberal humanist/agnostic in a particularly conservative Christian college. He wrote/is still writing a play that is being considered for production at the local Fringe Festival next summer. And he is playing Mozart in the college's production of "Amadeus" in November.

All this, and when he comes home from school at night, he's actually polite and friendly to his Aged Parents.

Don't get me wrong; he's got his faults. But he's always been a pretty great kid - and right now he seems to be on his way to being an *accomplished* great kid. What's not to be proud of?

(Knock on wood - the nearest of which at the moment is the body of my Ashford carder. There, we're back to fiber, as always!)


mrspao said...

I think the Vampire is a very talented person!

Carrie K said...

It sounds like The Thug is well on his way to being a model citizen of the world and a credit to him mother.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the great kid!!! That's a huge accomplishment on your part. I'm crossing my fingers for my oldest (10th grade)--he had a rough time in middle school, but things have improved dramatically.

timary said...

The Thug (and his mom) are an inspiration! Congratulations to the both of you!