Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Spinning In Circles

Between the school-based needs of the Teenaged Thug, the medical-based needs of my sister, the dollar-based needs of the family in general, and the business-based needs of my own, I hardly know if I'm on my feet or my head (or, more likely, falling on my butt). Too many things to do, all of them Top Priority, and not enough hours to do them.

It doesn't help that I'm experiencing Empty Nest AGAIN. Is this going to happen every autumn? It's not that I see the Thug all that much during the summer, but at least the possibility flutters around on the edges of the week. When school starts, I know that we'll be playing tug-of-war with his friends and girlfriend for his few valuable Free Hours - and mostly we'll be on the losing end.


In the meantime, with the fiber fair in South Dakota looming, you'd think I'd be producing like a madwoman, but NOooo... it's taken me several days to manage this. Another couple days before I'll end up with one small skein of plied yarn. Pitiful!

I need more bobbins, too, so that the day of waiting between spinning and plying don't represent a day of sitting around uselessly, waiting for a bobbin to open up for spinning. Not enough time between now and the fair to order them from the company. I don't suppose anyone has any Fricke bobbins just laying around unused that they want to get rid of?

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Nancy K. said...

If I had any I sure would send them to you!


Nancy ~ wishing I had time to spin....