Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Corn & I - Part the Second

So off we went, the Ambassador and Scott and I, to adventure and fun in the great outdoors.

We showed the Ambassador how water is gotten from under the ground to nourish our roots...

We admired the view, to nourish our souls...

We stopped to visit the Ambassador's relatives at the historic Anderson House

And had a bite to nourish our bodies
(the soup was excellent, too)

We saw a funny llama...

A fuzzy llama...

And another little llama (Not A Duck).

We met a charming representative of another culture (Wisconsin)

And her friends...

And another friend.

Scott 'invented' a new Taste Sensation, the Stockholm Grape Float.

He gave it a big thumbs up, but the Ambassador and I were not impressed.

Then we had to say goodbye to the Ambassador, and make our way home. But it had been a very beautiful and enjoyable day - a very nice anniversary, indeed!


Carol said...

Not a duck indeed! ROFL

Carrie K said...

Charming representative from another culture, LOL!

Happy Anniversary!

mrspao said...

*waves* at Scott

I have a photo of Bren doing the pumping at that pump :) You look like you had the most wonderful anniversary.

Hugs to you all! xxx