Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Busy, busy! I'm getting my new etsy store ready, and in the meantime I am madly working on that scarf *and* on the handpainted fiber that the fabulous Paos sent me from the UK. Because of the texture and preparation of this particular wool, I decided to try some newish ways of doing things. So this is going to be a bit more thick-and-thin and a bit heavier gauge than my usual yarn, and I tried doing a long(er) draw than I am accustomed to. I had so much FUN!!

What do you think? How will ply up?



Delighted Hands said...

Oh,the colors are sweet enough to eat! Can't wait to see them plied! Great work!

mrspao said...

It looks gorgeous - can't wait to see how it looks all plied up :)