Friday, November 14, 2008

BFF Awards

Betty, also known as the Crazy Lady with purple fingers, has very graciously and kindly awarded me the "Blogging Friends Forever Award". That was so sweet - thank you, Betty!!

As these things go, there are rules, and now I must follow them:

(1) Only five people are allowed
(2) Four have to be followers of your blog
(3) One has to be someone new to your blog or live in another part of the world
(4) You must link back to whoever gave you the award.The only difficulty is that there are so many deserving potential recipients, and a limited number of awards I am allowed to bestow. If you don't find yourself here, please don't be miffed - I think I will primarily pass them on to folks who don't have a wide readership yet, in hopes that a nice link will help them out. So if you don't find yourself here, it's because you are already popular, rather than because I love you less.

Barbara, of Life On the Wee Mad Road, has a lovely travel blog that is well worth visiting. She's been writing about her years in Scotland until recently, but she will soon be recounting tales of her extended treks around the U.S. She has a warm, inviting style and is a lovely person. She is also the co-author and illustrator of a charming book that you should definitely check out. Not that I'm biased at all. She's only my mom...

Nancy, of A Shepherd's Voice, probably has plenty of readers, if I judge from the number of folks who have linked to my humble blog from hers. But she's a dear, sweet gal who I consider a friend (even though we have not yet met in person), and she deserves all the readers she can get.

Timary, of TimaryArt, is a great friend, a creative artist, a devoted mother and homeschooler, and a blessing in my life. I am so grateful that I got the chance to know her - you'll be lucky if you get to know her, too!

Denise, of Eyes of Time, is an artist who is also a passionate advocate for folks with Asperger's Syndrome.

Jane, of Glorious Hats, is not exactly a blogger, so I'm stretching a bit here. But she is an online friend who has been incredibly kind and generous during our preparation for the Mitch Carlson benefit, giving of both her time and the work of her hands. Go to her lovely Etsy site and check out the bling. You'll be glad you did!

Timary counts as 'another part of the world', IMO, as does Barbara, in a 'not now, but then' way, and Denise is fairly new to my blog, so take your pick of which blogger you think meets the third rule...

Have fun meeting these bloggers and exploring their worlds. I look forward to visiting the folks to whom they pass on these BFF Awards - my guess is that I will find them fascinating!



Barbara Maloney said...

Thanks for the kind comments! Also for the comments you leave on my blog. I love reading your posts - lets me keep up on fun parts of your life I often don't see in my "mom" role!

Glorious Hats said...

Hi Eileen, You are so sweet. I read your blog in my reader and seldom pop over to comment, just enjoy keeping up with your posts.

Actually I do have a blog: it too is called Glorious Hats - am often sporadic in posting.

Thanks so much for your kind words.
Hugs, Jane

Nancy K. said...

Thank you, Eileen! I am honored that you chose me to be a recipient of the BFF award. I have also enjoyed our budding friendship and look forward to getting to you in person as well...

Nancy K. said...

that would be "getting to know you". You'd think I'd know enough to proof-read before I post!


mrspao said...

Marvellous choices :)

timary said...

You're so sweet to mention me and my modest blog! I feel exactly the same way about you - you have been a HUGE blessing in my life and I don't think I would have had the courage to tackle homeschooling without your support. :) And now I guess I better add links to blog, right? :) You are a blogging mentor, too!

timary said...

Make that 'add links to my blog...' This is why I may not be cut out to be a blogger - I get too impatient to proofread. :)