Friday, November 21, 2008

Music Forward

In keeping with the theme presented in the last post - but not in too straight a line, because I'm twisted like that - today I'm not going to say a lot, and just let you enjoy this. I always loved the cello, and now I can show you why. I chose this particular piece, even though it takes a bit to get really started and the video quality isn't good, because it shows the artist's process - which I, at least, find fascinating.

One note, for those interested: the Teenage Thug is very good, as expected, and although the audience was small, the performance last night went very well. Tim Sailer is brilliant as Salieri. If you get a chance, see Amadeus this weekend, and say 'hi' to the kid. He'd love to meet you.

So here we go. "Legions", by Zoe Keating. Enjoy.


Barbara Maloney said...

The performance of Amedeus was brilliant - I'm going again tonight (for the third time). There were rave comments from everyone around me. It was truly a professional production. One of my friends thought it was better than a lot of the plays she's seen at the Guthrie. You can be proud of the Thug!!

Tina T-P said...

Hi - if you like cello check out Jami Seber -

I think you'll like her. She was recently a guest musician on a friend of our's album. Breathtaking... T.

disa said...