Wednesday, November 12, 2008


FINALLY, the ground is cold enough that some little bit of the snow is sticking. This is bad for us, because we don't have the leaves off the part of our back yard that we definitely don't want even slightly composted (no weeds growing between the pretty river stones, please). This is good for The Pretty.

Not that the snow is thick enough to be pretty really, and it is likely to melt again in a day or so, but it's a harbinger, one hopes, of the near future. Once I have to turn on the stupid furnace, I like snow outside - at least, I like it on this side of winter. No promises about how I'll feel in February.

In other news, here's the latest production, still on the bobbin, ready to be washed/set.

It's probably the lightest gauge I've ever spun, pretty much laceweight, I think. Assuming it doesn't puff up a lot in the wash. I will be selling it on the etsy site - to see what I've got for sale now, click the button on the top left of this site, it will take you there. Go look just for The Pretty, even if you aren't in the market...

What have YOU been doing during the past week?


Delighted Hands said...

Just beautiful results.....great job.

Kat said...

BEAUTIFUL color! That's simply lovely!

I'm also slightly annoyed with the snow here!

timary said...

Eek! Snow! I don't think my son has even seen snow. As for the yarn, beautiful as always!