Thursday, December 4, 2008

Hurry Up and Wait

I'm sorry I haven't been blogging for a while. I get quiet when I'm stressed (well, either that or very silly if I'm REALLY stressed), and it's been a stressful week-and-a-half.

And now I have to wait some more, as I won't be able to have the biopsy and find out what is really going on (hopefully) until next Tuesday. Suddenly four days seems like a very long time.

So all I can say for now is that doing self-exams is a good thing, and if you haven't had a mammogram lately, go do it now. Because waiting for a couple weeks is MUCH better than waiting too long.


Delighted Hands said...

I understand the silent when miserable bit.........hoping for the best for you. I have a friend that is going for surgery in 10 days-they caught hers very early so I agree-sooner is better! I made my overdue appt for the mammo! Just hold your fiber treasures to feel better!

Nancy K. said...

Ah, Eileen ~ I'm sorry you're going through such a stressful time! Try (REALLY hard) to stay positive. I remember when I was younger I had several abnormal Pap tests. I always freaked out. Assumed I was dying. Even thought about who would take care of my kids!

You're gonna be OK. I'm going to say LOTS of prayers for you. And, for some unknown reason, I seem to have some real pull with God! So, suck up every plesant moment you can and get the most out of every day. Don't waste a single precious moment fretting!

If you need to get away for a little "sheep therapy", I'm only a couple of hours away....


mrspao said...

Hug x I'll try and be around to chat if you need to.

I will be praying that everything is ok.

timary said...

Ack. My thoughts are with you.