Sunday, January 11, 2009

On Being the Cobbler

Here I am, a spinner and knitter - and I have been suffering the pains of freezing fingers all winter so far, because I don't have a pair of mittens or gloves!

I feel as though I don't have the yarn, which is ironic. But I feel as though the yarn I've spun is too precious to waste on myself - I want to share it!

I only have one bit of commercial yarn, and it's so BORING, just one flat color (but a deep intense color that would not lend itself well to dyeing experiments)... and I don't have a mitten pattern that appeals to me for yarn in one flat color, or have enough to allow for lots of big fun cables. Plus the resulting mitten would be too thin to be effective in our MN cold snaps.

I do have a bit of fiber on the wheel (thank you, Debi M.!), and I'm experimenting with different spinning techniques. I am hoping that something fun will come out of it - it won't be skillfully spun enough to sell, but hopefully it will be usable enough to make mittens of. Unfortunately, I am spinning so slowly that the yarn might not be done by the end of winter... especially since I am likely to be interrupted by the (possibly simultaneous) mastectomy and hysterectomy, and expect to not be in spinning shape for at least six weeks.

I may have to make do with the thin commercial yarn, if I can get going fast enough.

Fast. Me.


I may have to make do with either being the Cobbler (along with his family, if you want to be nitpicky), or being the proud owner of The Emperor's New Mittens...

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