Sunday, November 15, 2009

Important Announcement

If you live in Minnesota, you have a wonderful opportunity coming up this week. On Nov. 17th, from 8am until the following 8am, you can give a donation - it doesn't have to be big, any donation will do - to the charity or organization of your choice, and if you make that donation through Give MN, they will make a matching donation of 50 cents on the dollar.

So if you were to give $10 to, oh, let's say Pathways or Gilda's Club or Vail Place or the Weaver's Guild of MN (just, you know, choosing at random, *koff*), if you made the donation through Give MN, it would be worth $15. Great deal!

Here's what you do:

1. Go to

2. In the box that says "Donate," type in the org of your choice next to "Find a nonprofit."

3. Click on the link for your org when it comes up.

4. Enter your donation amount, click on Donate, then complete the form.

Give MN has a $500,000 matching fund available. I imagine your favorite nonprofit could use a little bit of funding at the moment - it's been a bad year for them, too. So scrape just a little bit together on the 17th and give. Starting a bit early in this Giving Season will go a lot further this Tuesday, and we're all for stretching our dollars this year!!

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The Violet Hoarder said...

Did it earlier today--utterly easy and a wonderful thing that local foundations have done in creating this site. Let's all use up that $500,000 match to help Minnesotans who need it.