Friday, January 22, 2010


I am hopelessly, and perhaps pigheadedly naive.

No, really. Because yesterday (well, technically, the day before - Wednesday) I truly was stunned and disbelieving when the guy in the giant gas-guzzling monster truck in the highway exit lane was speeding up and slowing down, lather rinse and repeat, in order to keep us from being able to get off on our exit. Even though he was endangering his own ability to stay on the highway. In the end he nearly caused all of us to get accordianed in some icy smoky death-capade - when he finally zoomed into our lane (an inch off our bumper), he hit his brakes immediately. We barely swerved into the exit lane at the last second and missed him by a hair.

And yes, he WAS doing it on purpose. I know, because he was looking right at me and waving and laughing (I was in the passenger seat) at the time. I mean, he was meeting my eyes at the time. It was not a friendly laugh, either. I'm not sure he would have cared if we'd run into him. I think he figured his truck made him invulnerable, so who cared if he wiped two middle aged commuters off the face of the earth?

It was bizarre, and unnerving. What sort of person acts like that? And why would anybody allow him to be in charge of that much potentially deadly steel?

It was also frustrating. My darned cell phone turned out to be out of battery...

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Delighted Hands said...

You need to talk to someone good so you can cancel his miserable behavior out! Glad you are okay.