Sunday, April 18, 2010

Home From The Holiday

The vacation was on the whole fabulous, other than the hours spent in Urgent Care for the massive inner ear infection (and the Whale Tour that I couldn't go on because of the same). But that is a quibble, really, because for the most part it was lovely.

We went to Monterey,

then to Morro Bay,

then San Simeon,

and then Santa Barbara - oh, yeah, that's totally me -

then back again to Monterey

and Carmel.

I got a US Open At Pebble Beach shirt for Scott, so that he can watch the Open in style. I took about a billion photos, got run over by a horned lizard, and mom survived the Thunder Cloud Of Bees.

We communed with humpbacks
(too close to get into the screen)

and talked to seals

and ogled otters.

We got to experience a Stormy Sea,

but most of the weather was glorious...
and California smells *wonderful* (being carpeted with flowers at the moment).

But the two best things aren't things I could photograph.

One being the joy of spending a wonderful day of laughter and exploration with kindred spirits, Roberta and Richard. R & R are both fellow bloggers we've connected with in the past couple years; they share with Mom the experience of having lived in Scotland, and they share with Scott and I the experience of dealing with this ravening monster within, terminal cancer.

Once again, my experience of meeting online friends in person was everything I could have hoped for. They were sweet (Roberta) and funny (Rich) and incredibly kind, warm, and accommodating under rather trying conditions (having to work around my medical shenanigans). Mom and I knew they were interesting, likable folks from their blogs and correspondence - but now we know for a fact that they are also supremely lovable. It's nice to confirm one's own good taste in friends!

The other thing - the very best thing of all - was having the opportunity to spend ten whole days with my mom, just going where the wind blew us and doing as we pleased, gathering memories to tuck into our hearts and warm us in the hard times that will inevitably come. It's been a tough road we've walked together in the past sixteen months; being able to take this gentler, joyful journey was a tremendous gift. Mom's intention was to give me the opportunity to be near the ocean again, since it was the only item on my Bucket List. That, in itself, was a great kindness. But the real treasure was in being able to just be with her - to Just Be, together.

Thanks, Mom. I love you.


Glorious Hats said...

Hurray, Hurrah! so glad it was grand - and you were able to deal effectively with the few unpleasant bits -

Thanks so for sharing the delightful photos and telling the tale so fabulously.


Nancy K. said...

What a blessing and a gift for both of you! Thank you for sharing it and reminding all of us what is REALLY important.

May you both forever think of California together when you feel the sunshine on your shoulder.

I hope that you know how much we all rejoice (and cry!) right along with you...

The Violet Hoarder said...

I've had the chance to travel with my mom, too--although she's too old now. It is truly one of life's great have even one friend that dear. I'm so happy you two will have these sweet memories during harder times. And aren't those sea otters something? Your photos are gorgeous, by the way.

Delighted Hands said...

Tears of happiness shared with you-awesome trip!

Roberta said...

It was a joy and pleasure to meet you and your Mom, and have you here with us...even if the visit was too short. The visits always are too short, aren't they?
A kindred spirit is few and far between in this world...and I have two in you beautiful, strong, intelligent and funny women.
I hope you saw all the things, animals, flowers and most of all...every view of the ocean you could see.

Love and hugs to you and your fabulous family...

timary said...

Looks like a lovely vacation! So glad you and you your mom were able to go!

mrspao said...

Wonderful - such wonderful photos. Your mom is wonderful as are you xxx

Celticsprite said...

Welcome home! If you can get to this part of the world, we have whale watches you can go on treat! Glad you had such a good time. I agree your pictures are wonderful!

Polly said...

The photos are fantastic - are you sure you didn't copy and paste them from the National Geographic website? I didn't know you loved the ocean, I feel the same way about Wymer Lake. You went to a source of serenity, experienced serendipity in nature and friends, and came back with a fuller heart. I'm so happy you have your mamma to share life's joys with.