Sunday, July 4, 2010

Fourth Memories

I'll tell you about our 4th of July weekend tomorrow (or so), but today I will share a memory. I know that usually I try to respect the Offspring's privacy and dignity, but for now I will reveal a memory that is at the forefront of my mind today...

The kid was very sensitive to sound from babyhood, but by age 5 or 6 he also loved the idea of things blowing up, and he loved bright lights. So we decided to take him to the fireworks display for the Fourth.

At that time, there was a huge display that took place over the Capitol Building in St. Paul, and we found a tall hill hidden behind a public building about a mile away from our house that provided a perfect view of the festivities. Not only could we see the Capitol fireworks display from that vantage point, but in the distance we could see earlier displays going off in many of the far-flung suburbs. This kept our impatient wanderer properly entertained while waiting for the Main Event.

It also evidently left him unprepared for the percussive sound of the larger, closer fireworks. As soon as the first explosion sounded, Bren immediately through his blanket over his head and refused to even peek out for the rest of the display.

But our little performer was still exactly who he has always been; after the first few minutes, after each explosion there would be a pause, and then from the darkened depths of the fabric heap came a tiny piping, "Oooh!! Aaaaah!"

Happy Independence Day, dear readers. I hope your memories are as sweet as mine, and your enjoyment of the day as deep.

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mrspao said...

That made me smile - thanks x