Saturday, December 4, 2010

Las Vegas Is Awesome, Part the Third

Okay!  Yesterday I discovered that I could use the charge cord from our Playstation to get the photos out of my camera and onto my computer.  So here is another portion of my report on our vacation in Las Vegas:

We had some major glitches getting into town.  On one hand, the husband had some problems making it to the gate on time for departure (whew!) and we had some major problems with the car rental agency - on the other, we were met at the plane's exit by a person bearing a sign with my name on it and a wheelchair, and then whisked to the shuttles through a complex route that I never would have been able to figure out on my own, but that saved us tons of time (thanks, Levon!)

Once we got to our hotel, there was still a bit of confusion.  Our 'non-smoking' room was right next door to the hotel's meeting rooms, so that smoke still permeated the hallways and adjoining rooms.  So we had to go through two long waits in order to get a room that wouldn't make me sick - and then the bellhop brought up the wrong wheelchairs, and it took a while longer in order to get that straightened out.

But once all that was taken care of, we were able to enjoy the luxury of our surroundings.  We stayed at THEhotel at Mandalay Bay (yes, that's how it's spelled), a very swanky all-suite hotel at the end of the strip, next door to the Luxor.

View from our living room window

View from our bedroom window

Inside everything was made of marble and glass (including our walk-in shower, in our bathroom with the television that we could watch as we soaked in our luxury-bath-salted tub). 

The lobby level was set up like a high-end art museum, and surrounding the hotel was a beautiful temple and fountain area in which to spend quiet time contemplating our cleverness in finding a great place to stay.


I had also cleverly researched the area, so we knew where to go for dinner - Studio B in the M Resort Spa Casino, which has often been voted the best buffet in Las Vegas.  For good reason!  Over 200 entree choices later (no, we didn't have them ALL, but we tried!), and stuffed full of their entirely fabulous desserts, we waddled home to greet our lovely friend Elizabeth, who joined us for the next two days of our trip.

To be continued...


Nancy K. said...

..."contemplating our cleverness"


I love it!!!

I'm glad that you were able to get away to such a luxurious vacation spot! Did your son go along or was it just you and your DH?

I sure could use some pampering and a little luxury in my life...


DREAM on!!!

mrspao said...

Wow - it looks amazing!!