Saturday, January 22, 2011

Las Vegas Is Awesome, Part the Last

You thought I forgot, didn't you?  But no, I do intend to finish our tale...

Last we saw our intrepid explorers, their message light was mysteriously flashing.  It turns out that the reason my cousin - my only gal cousin, who lives in Reno and whom I hadn't seen in twenty years - hadn't answered my messages previous to our trip was that she was in Europe at the time.  But now she had returned, and was wondering if it would be okay if she flew out to see us for a day?

Okay?  It would be fabulous!!

So although the lovely Elizabeth had to leave before dawn, our sorrow was leavened by the knowledge that we were going to breakfast with my fabulous cousin, Christiane.

We met in Paris, and nearly immediately found ourselves in Venice.  Well, in the Venetian, at any rate... as you can see from the photo, the wind blew us everywhere that day!

Inside, we watched 'street performers' and listened to the singing of the gondoliers, and visited a few of the more spectacular shops.  I have a thing for masks, and there was a shop entirely devoted to that art form.  I could have stayed there all day...

But we did eventually tear ourselves (me) away, and headed back out into the wider world.  We visited quite a few hotels, and visited Tussaud's, where Scott was able to flirt with one of his favorite Pushy Broads.

My cousin, who hosts a political talk radio show, was able to offer her skills where they were most needed...

And we generally just enjoyed ourselves as much as it seems possible to do.  We ended the day by taking my cousin to 'our buffet', and rolled back to the hotel sated and entirely ready to soak in our wonderful tub.

After breakfast with my cousin the next morning, we dropped her off at the airport and headed out into the countryside.  This time we went to the Valley of Fire, which we absolutely adored.

I was extremely proud of myself, since I managed to climb all the way up the several flights of stairs going up to the petroglyphs.  Totally worth the pain, I must say!

Scott, on the other hand, took things a bit easier...

Generally, we had a fabulous time.  We hit Hoover Dam briefly, just as the sun went down, and then back we went for dinner (guess where) and spent the rest of the evening taking in the breathtaking show Le Reve.

Home again, home again, the next morning.

Have to say, love doing the tourist thing - at least, love it the way we do it.  I can't imagine better companions, and there isn't a single thing that I wish I had skipped or traded for something else.  We had a fabulous time, as we always do.  The only thing that could improve the experience is to have it again!!


mrspao said...

So lovely to see your trip - it looks like you had an amazing time :)

pao said...

Wow! Looks like you had a fantastic time. Sooo jealous and yes I know that is unbecoming of me!

Bret said...

Hi Eileen. Catching up on all your great stories. Glad you had a cool trip to Vegas during the MN winter! Looks like you had an interesting day there - pondering the handywork of our ancesters in the Valley of Fire in the afternoon and getting back to the pinacle of our modern civilizatioon in time for happy hour!