Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Is A Puzzlement

All my life, I've wanted to serve jury duty.

Yes, I know that usually you just sit there forever in the waiting room, doing nothing.  And you don't get paid for it (at least, not really).

But it's a service to your community and your country, and I've always felt that service was a good thing.  Paying back your community for all the things it provides you is something you should do, willingly and with a sense of satisfaction.

And if I actually got to serve on a jury, even better.  I'd be a good jury member.  I'm fairly bright, I am fairly logical, I'm big on details, I respect at least the ideal of the law and justice, and I'm relatively driven to be as fair as possible to all sides.  I enjoy doing things I'm good at.

And I've worked from home for most of the last two decades, and have a flexible schedule, so it wouldn't inconvenience me in the least to serve, other than perhaps a certain soreness in the back or knees from sitting all day.

During the last two decades my husband has worked either two jobs (sometimes two full time jobs) or one job with 10-hour days.  He has been called to jury duty twice in that time.  It's been a huge sacrifice for him, and although he is mindful of his duty, he really would have preferred not to have to take the time from work.  Our finances have never been what you'd call comfortable, so it was a bit of a hardship for the family.

Now my 21-year-old son has been called.

I have never been called.  Not once.  And at this point I'm not likely to be allowed to serve, even if I am called before I fall off the perch - my physical condition would now prevent me from eligibility.


**At least in this case, as the quote goes, the law is an ass.  Why can't people volunteer to be on a 'will call' list for service when their time is flexible?  Then if they are summoned again when it's less convenient, they can be excused on the basis that they have served in the last four years.  It would be so much easier for people, and the courts would have to deal with fewer whiners and shirkers, saving time and frustration for everyone.  I'm just saying...


Delighted Hands said...

I have been called and sat through all the proceedings but never served....you would see the incredible amount of time wasting our government is so good at!

krex said...

Egads....that is far to brilliant of a plan of ever be passed in congress . I have never been called either but I have a feeling, having failed more then 1 MMPI in my life, they would find a way to weed me out anyway : )

Celticsprite said...

I was called once, and it depressed me. It was an accident case, not really interesting. I was sad that I had to vote against the woman. I have been called again for October. Sean as of yet, has not been called.

mrspao said...

I've never been called either but I gather that since I once had depression, I'm unlikely to be able to serve here either because that is considered a disability.

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