Saturday, May 24, 2008

Things I've Learned Lately

1. Flash photography does not do justice to colors.

2. I like spinning merino/silk blend. A lot.

3. My skill in setting exposure manually indoors in a rather dark room with a digital camera, and my ability to hold my hand still, does not do justice to colors *or* to clarity of photo.

4. If you smack the heck out of the side of the tub with a wet skein - or conversely, if you smack the heck out of a wet skein with the side of a tub (depending on your P.O.V.) - it really does even out the yarn a lot in terms of twist and 'weight' of yarn. Coooool...

5. Both color accuracy and focus/clarity really does improve in natural light.

6. Yeah, it's time for one of the guys to mow the lawn. I won't bother to ask about weeding...