Monday, May 26, 2008

Another Discovery

If you take a skein of multicolored, newly spun wool, and you forget to turn the burner off when the water you are heating up to 'set' the yarn - and the yarn itself - is still in the pan...

...and you go away to finish watching the American Idol finale, and you celebrate because although you liked both Davids you thought that David the Younger hadn't matured enough as an artist yet to be interesting, while you thought that David the Elder would probably make a really interesting album if allowed to flout the idiot producers, and if you don't notice that in the meantime your multicolored yarn is boiling on the stove...

...what you end up with is a pan of richly greenish blue water and a rather dingy and somewhat felted blue yarn.

(for once the photo makes the yarn look MUCH more interesting than it is in Real Life - typical of my wonky photographic skills)

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