Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Next Problem

So I tried Navajo Plying, and I'll eventually show you the results, but let's just say that I need a lot more practice. On cheap fiber that I don't care about.

The next problem is this bobbin, which I'd hoped to Navajo Ply, but now realize that I'd be left with too few yards *and* with yarn which was less than beautiful and soft and usable.

So now I need to figure out a relatively simple background color to ply it with, in order to show off the color changes in this one. And it has to go with all the colors, including the rather unfortunate Oscar The Grouch-colored length that is hidden under all that shiny stuff.

What do you think, something plum-ish? But that might make the darker colors disappear. But something lilac or so might be too garish with the lighter bit and the Grouchy stuff? I'm not sure...

It occurs to me that a color theory class may be in order.

1 comment:

mrspao said...

Plum-ish would look very nice :)