Sunday, July 13, 2008


In so many ways, this has not been a great week...

First of all, we got caught in hail and tornadoes on the way home from a college visit, and in our haste to get to shelter we managed to lock ourselves out of our (still running) car. Hey, that hail was LOUD.

It took three hours and $150 to get someone out in the middle of nowhere to get us back in.

When we got home, we found that our big box elder tree in the back yard had snapped in two... and fallen on our power lines AND on our shed. Our ex-shed, I mean.

The next day it was hot and muggy and miserable, and there was another storm... which knocked down the power lines in the alley and left us without power for 12 hours. Leaving us without ice or cold drinks or fans, as well as in the dark. And it turned out that that was the day my son's cell phone ran out of minutes, and he'd forgotten to renew. No phone.

And in the meantime, remember those two pretty bobbins of yarn waiting to be plied?

Yeah. I decided to try spiral plying... not a terribly successful attempt, and in any case, this is the result.

I'm not so sure about the color. Kind of like salmon skin. I don't know, what do you think?

Makes me worry a bit about this next one. Same salmony color on left... salmon plus foresty colors on the right.

I've got grave concerns. Hmmm...


mrspao said...

Oh dear, you guys have had a bad week. Me, too but in a different way.

I really like your yarn but then again I am fond of those shiny pretty pinkish colours.

pao said...

It never rains but it pours as they saying goes.

At least the spinning looks good, well to my untutored eye.

Hi - to the boys!