Thursday, September 25, 2008

Hobbitish Birthdays Are Great Fun - Contest Results!

A huge grateful "Thank You" to everyone who entered my little contest. I really enjoyed the stories, and encourage everyone to go to the Contest post and read the Comments section - very entertaining and edifying! If you have time, it's well worth the effort to link to the authors' blogs. These women are talented fiber artists and entertaining writers; they have more stories to tell than the small tales they recounted here. That said, their Fiber Tales were wonderful!

There were funny ones:

Elaine has to prove that she is not being beleaguered by Rumpelstiltskin,
grumpy crumpet reminds us that adults are rather dim,
knitnzu relates that she more fashion rebel than fashion icon in earlier days,
Carol's teenaged complexion was evidently better than that of her sweater,
Becka proves that sewing is rarely Deadly,
and Sarah admits that she occasionally mimics my brilliant social skills (poor thing!)

There were enthusiastic ones about sharing our love of fiber:

ikinlala relates how her parents sewed love into her school backpack,
delighted hands, aunt janet, and Karen are sharing their skills with future fiber artists,
while turtle's grandmother ties several generations together with baby caps,
and the crazy lady with purple fingers is competing with herself to improve her own skills (aren't we all?)

There were tender memories of loved ones now gone:

laughingrat reminds us that our furry friends are fiber lovers, too...
knitmomma feels her grandmother's love with every stitch,

There was even one or two that were about me:

Mom wants to know what cake to bake, and Mrs. Pao explains why she is fairly sure that I am not a hairy-arsed axe murderer.

Last, but not least, Nancy K. wrote this, which for some reason Blogger would not allow her to post in the comments:

"R" rated Grandma...

My oldest daughter is the mother of my three Grandsons. Pam and I are very close. When we go someplace together, Pam always drives ~ which gives me time to KNIT. On one of our many day-trips, I was working on a lace shawl and frequently found my stitch count off. Which (blush) I'm afraid to say would elicit profane language from my normally pristine mouth. After the third or fourth outcry on my part, Pam reminded me that knitting is supposed to be the way I relax. I explained that it is, indeed, but when I make a mistake I do tend to "vocalize" my frustration. (Remember ~ I live alone and such language is ignored by my dogs and cats) My darling daughter is a very loving and non-judgmental person and had nothing more to say about my frequent occasional outbursts, simply smiling each time I spewed profanity over my uncooperative needles and string. However, the next time that my Grandsons came to spend a day at Grandma's they advised me that "Mom said: when Grandma gets her knitting out, we're supposed to go play in another room"!

I'm glad I decided on a random drawing - it would have been very hard to choose between these great stories! I loved them all...

As it was, the Teenaged Thug drew Carol's number from the bowl. I don't know that my poor yarn can compete with the grandeur of the Pimple Sweater, Carol, but I'll do the best I can!


Delighted Hands said...

Great post-fibery love is the thread that has brought us all to a common appreciation-nice to be connected!

Eileen said...

So true - it's nice to FEEL connected, too!

Carol said...

My hubbunny says exactly the same thing to me. "I thought you did this to relax??! " My answer was pretty much the same as yours...

Nancy K. said...

So, did you have a nice Birthday????

mrspao said...

Hope you are having a lovely day with the Pirate!