Saturday, September 27, 2008

Irony: Ha, Ha

I have a particularly spectacular case of Turf Toe, except that I injured *both* joints in my toe rather than just the joint at the base. It is rather spectacular - I should make some rovings using those colors. No, wait, I have!

It is laughably (ow! ow!) ironic that I would get an injury generally attributed to athletes...

The Universe has something against my left foot. In the past two weeks or so I have gotten not one, but three pieces of glass stuck in it (once was at someone else's house), and now this.

Can one limb have its very own karma? What is the foot trying to say to me? What is the Universe trying to say to the foot? Or is it just an opportunity for the right foot to feel smug and superior? Are they feuding while I am asleep?

So I'm keeping my foot elevated and icing it occasionally, which is going to slow down the spinning process a bit - sorry Carol. I promise to work on the fiber as soon as I can! I am, however, getting some knitting in for Mitch Carlson's benefit auction on Oct. 18, which I will write about soon. If you have any items that you would be willing to donate, keep that in mind later this week!


Nancy K. said...

Oh, Eileen! You need a Roberta Electric Spinner!! Then you can spin without treadling!!! ;-)

I still have my Ashford Travelor but do 99% of my spinning on my Roberta (with my legsj neatly folded up under me, on the couch, where they belong!). I really should sell these things.....

I hope the foot feels better soon and behaves for a change!

timary said...

My feet have a similar rivalry going on. The left foot doesn't like the shoes that the right one does. I think it may just be the left one feeling a little inferior since it is bigger and less dainty. Anyway, I am sure they will work it out and you will be back to full-press spinning in no time! And congrats on the Thug and his wonderful presentation - I can see where he gets his imagination from!