Sunday, September 28, 2008

Definitely Need a Light Box

Another gloomy day, not enough light inside to make decent photos of the yarn - I'm either going to have to get/make a light box, or I'm going to have to move to sunnier climes. Since sunnier climes are likely to make wool less desirable, I'm going to go for the light box. As soon as I can.

Until a sunnier day or a day full of monetary fulfillment, I am unable to show you the first scarf I made for Mitch Carlson's benefit auction - the photos all just look like a long dark blob.

So for now, here's the second scarf, currently a WIP*.

For the sock knitters among you, this is the same stitch used for the Leyburn Socks, but I reversed it so that the caught-up yarn travels over the stockinette side, rather than the reverse stockinette side. I did this because I think the yarn (a discontinued KnitPicks merino) looks prettier on the smooth side.
And because I can do what I want.

I think it kind of looks like all sorts of little excited people, jumping in the air and cheering Mitch on - which seems appropriate. If you want your own tiny squad of soft woolly cheerleaders, come bid on this scarf at the Benefit Auction (and yummy Spaghetti Dinner) on October 18, at the Kraus-Hartig VFW in Spring Lake Park. There will be all sorts of other wonderful things on auction there, so it will definitely be worth attending!

* Work In Progress, for the non-knitters among you. That would be you, Mom.


Delighted Hands said...

Beautiful! I love the interplay of colors! I have used that pattern and it is a dream to stitch-but mine didn't have the color changes, too! It's great.

Glorious Hats said...

Hi Eileen, Two things, first this scarf is looking awesome. Ahhh, the colors are bliss, the design is fabulous.

Second - tapping you on the shoulder for tag. See my blog for what to do, should you choose to take on the tag.


Laughingrat said...

Whoa, that scarf is great. Hey, I bet you're the person who asked me about the light box! I forgot to get back to you. I was able to go to a proper camera shop--the kind professionals go to, not the sort that try to sell you the latest digital camera and not much else ;)--and get one about 2x2x2 for, gosh...I can't remember. $50-70? It's been well worth it, though. I did have to purchase some bright bulbs as well, three of them, to put in clamp lamps (those, at least, are cheap and you can get them at Lowe's) that I position around the box when I use it. A hefty-ish initial investment, but it's definitely paid off. :)