Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Corn & I - Part the First

Monday was my husband's 19th year of being saddled with me, so we decided to play hooky.

Well, we decided weeks ago that we'd play hooky Monday, but wasn't it nice that the weather decided to cooperate?

So off we went in search of foliage. Last week was peak, so we knew that the flaming yellows and oranges and reds and purples were going to be pretty much gone, but we're not completely immune to the beauties of russets and golds.

It didn't start off well. Scott sat on his sunglasses when he got into the car after stopping at SA for coffee. So we stopped at Target to get him some glasses. I stayed in the car so that we could save time by having me pull up to the curb, rather than risk a lengthy period of wandering aimlessly around the parking lot, trying to remember where we left the vehicle.

I immediately knocked his entire 20-oz coffee into my lap.

So after picking him up, I had to go home and change, while he tried to mop up the remaining caffeine.

Luckily, that did not set the tone for the rest of the trip!

Off we went. And it wasn't long before we realized that our trip had a theme. Let's see if you can tell what it is... here's what we saw:


And this and this...

I think you get the picture.

If you've lived in Minnesota all your life, like we have... or traveled in Wisconsin, as we have... you will notice what we didn't see. In the sky. It turns out that what's missing is not unconnected to the above (clue: although there also were no clouds in the sky during much of the day, we didn't miss those at all). If you haven't lived in Minnesota or traveled in Wisconsin in autumns past, there will be clues to the missing pieces later in this story. See if you pick it up.

We decided that we were going to be open to new friends and new experiences, so we started as we meant to go on.**

Here is Scott, introducing himself:

And here he is, returning with the Ambassador:

** It is a testament to our love - and to Scott's patience - that he was willing to stop on the highway in the middle of nowhere and indulge without question (and with only a subtle roll of the eyes) my request that he fetch a corn stalk. It is even more a testament to his gift of tolerance that he did so even though he had a fair idea of what he was going to be subjected to for the rest of the day. A proof of his brilliance, too - because his suspicions were well founded.


mrspao said...

*waves* at Scott. I love the hat!

Looks like you had fun despite the start of it. Happy day! :)

Glorious Hats said...

Neat story well told. So glad the start was worked through and you both had a lovely day.

ScareCrow - seems to be missing.

Funny, have a treasury on Etsy now that is all about corn. So needless to say loved this story.
http://tinyurl.com/6e6czl (only active until 11am today, Oct 22 ) will try and post a copy on my blog too incase you miss it.

Hugs, Jane