Monday, October 20, 2008

Happy Days

Today is our 19th anniversary (which gifting year is that? bile?) so Scott and I are going to go down the River Road on the Wisconsin side and up the River Road on the Minnesota side. Last week was peak, so I expect more russets and browns than the glorious golds and oranges and reds and purples - but it should still be pretty, and the morning looks clear, and we are determined to have a lovely time. I will try to remember to take the camera, for your viewing pleasure!

In the meantime, the Teenaged Thug has a tummy flu and was up all night, so send him your best healing thoughts and wishes. I'm leaving him with ginger ale and crackers and his favorite flavor of jello, so hopefully between that and the Limpet Cat (she gets very cuddly once the weather gets cooler and we start sporting her favorite afghans), he will recover nicely today and be up and running by tomorrow.

P.S. - The Benefit on Saturday went beautifully, thanks to the incredibly hard work of my BIL's wife, Belinda, who probably spent yesterday in a coma. She deserves a great deal of praise and thanks, which I know she got from Mitch and his family - Scott's sister, Sue, spent most of the day in a daze of surprised gratitude, I'm amazed she didn't injure herself with all that walking around half-blinded with tears. My own thanks to all the wonderful folks out there who so very generously donated their skills and time and efforts to the cause - you are fabulous people, and deserve the very best in life!


mrspao said...

Happy Anniversary! Have a wonderful time.

Get well soon, Teenage Thug!!

Carol said...

Happy anniversary!