Saturday, December 27, 2008

White Christmas, Grey Fog

The Fabulous Susan and I went on one of our Light Tours last night. The two of us look forward to this every year (last year she couldn't visit for Christmas, and fittingly enough there was a distinct paucity of lights displayed in the neighborhood last year, very sad), and although it was very foggy and difficult to see properly through our spotty windows (the unclear nature of things also perhaps reflective of the state of things for us this holiday season), we had a lovely time.

As usual we toured up and down Summit Avenue in St. Paul, which put out a bit more effort than last year, although it still isn't up to the standards set by the exuberant displays of the past. We ate at Cafe Latte (I shook my fist at the Universe and defiantly ate carbs in the form of Chocolate Amaretto Cheesecake, but meekly drank water instead of the traditional Swedish Moo), where the Fabulous Susan told me very encouraging news about her family's Christmas do and we decorated a silly little gift bag together and she bestowed upon me a friend to keep me company (is it kosher to have two black sheep in one family?) while she is back in NYC.

We gave our usual greetings to the Santa Butt on Lexington Avenue. We trekked out to Minnetonka, where the Fabulous Susan had discovered a little closed circle of houses that were all so gorgeously and joyously decked out that these neighbors must either be close and loving friends or viciously competitive monsters (I vote for the former option, myself).

I've been easily pooped out lately, so unfortunately our tour ended at midnight rather than our usual 2 or 3am, but our enjoyment was not lessened one jot.

Thank you, thank you to all the lovely folks who labor each year to deck their houses in gay apparel for the holiday season. It's a community service you do that nourishes the heart and soul!

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mrspao said...

I love the light show that goes on here. What a great way to spend an evening.