Tuesday, April 21, 2009

We Pause For A Public Disservice Announcement

Okay, I know it's totally obnoxious to brag about your kids.

But it's truly charming when I brag about MY kid.

Really. Just ask him.

So I am pleased to announce that the Thug has been invited to be the Op Ed editor for his college paper.

This is a particular coup, given that said Thug isn't even officially a college student yet, and hasn't officially joined said college. He will be the youngest editor the paper has ever had.

A proud mother may permit herself a small 'w00t', may she not?



Nancy K. said...

I would say that this is an occassion worthy of a 'woot'!

Congratulations to the Thug!
He must have gotten his talent from his mother.....


timary said...

WooHoo!! Kudos to the Thug (and to you)!

mrspao said...


(now tell me what that means :))

Robin said...

'woot' to be sure. Congrats to the thug! I have every confidence.

The Violet Hoarder said...

Ah, the apple and the tree...woots to you both!