Sunday, August 2, 2009

All Right, Who Moved My Brain?

I seem to be attached to the idea that knitting is something one does while watching television, and I haven't been able to spin lately, with the result that the hubster and I are watching about fiftybazillion more hours of TV than is strictly good for us.

Although we do watch 'So You Think You Can Dance' in Real Time (oh, gosh, can you believe that they put that 'Mercy' routine with Twitch and Katee on the same show as the 'Bleeding Love' routine with Mark and Chelsea, practically right on top of each other? I almost swooned with Dancing Joy...), we pretty much watch everything else by DVD or on the internets.

So we are working our way through all million seasons of ER, from the beginning (oo, George Clooney - no, wait, he's annoying in this one...), and the most recent seasons of The Closer, Burn Notice, The Shield (do we want Vic to go down in this final season, or not?), Battlestar Galactica (we've heard the ending is not satisfactory, but, well, how could it be?), and various movies. We own and regularly re-watch Firefly, of course. On the internets I keep up late at night with Chuck, the Colbert Report, Better Off Ted (Dilbert Meets Guthy-Renker), and Pushing Daisies. And with the darling boy I watch Supernatural.

All of which encourages the knitting and the posterior to grow, but is not necessarily great for the brain. I'm trying to figure out how to turn pages while keeping hold of my stitches, but so far I am mostly learning why I was never invited to be a member of the Flying Karamazov Brothers.

Does anybody have a good recipe for 'Sense and Sensibility Kebab'?

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mrspao said...

Looking forward to seeing what you knit :)