Saturday, August 1, 2009

Cute, and a Bit Sad

First of all, sorry for recent silence, but for some reason I have been trying to get on Blogger for several days, and haven't been able to get it up on my computer AT ALL. I could Facebook, I could Twitter, I could melt my brain with Hulu and YouTube, but I couldn't get to my blogs at all.

Luckily, this ability has returned as mysteriously as it left me, and folks...

I'm BAA-aaaaack...

And the first thing that occurred to me (because I'm flutterbrained like that) is that I didn't put up any pictures of my son's only Senior Prom.

Possibly because he and his beloved broke up very shortly thereafter.

We are sorry for the breakup - we are very fond of the young lady in question. But she is going off to college in a different part of the state, and they very rightly felt that long-distance relationships are not easy to manage, and that both parties were too young to do such a tricky thing well.

Nonetheless, they were awfully cute, don't you think? I hope that they will look back at the time they had together with nostalgic enjoyment, through the lens of lasting friendship.
They are both bright, kind, lovely young people -
and luckily they still appreciate this about each other.

We should all be so lucky!


Delighted Hands said...

Beautiful pics and who knows what might happen to their futures-a chance meeting could reignite this spark?!

mrspao said...

Who knows what will happen. They look so nice together - maybe one day they'll reignite that spark.