Monday, May 24, 2010

Teenage Wasteland

I've already lied via the title of this post - because my son isn't even a teenager any more. That particular stage theoretically disappeared last month.

But my point is still valid.

I keep reading amusing blogs by younger other moms, blogs that recount the various humorous and vaguely humiliating (well, not always vague, actually) antics of their children and of their own parenting adventures.

It's funny, it's fun, and for me the reading is a rather nostalgic exercise. But I have to admit that I'm jealous of the ease with which those parental bloggers can recount their struggles and triumphs. To be more specific, I'm jealous of the deep well of material from which they can dip.

Because once your kid is well into their teenage years, you can no longer (in good conscience) use him (or her) as a reasonable blogging topic. At a certain age, (sane) people stop being thrilled at being the center of attention - especially attention based on dubious behavior - and start being aware that they have a reputation to protect. And a theoretical sense of dignity to uphold.

And there is no self-esteem more tricky to uphold and more prone to being toppled than that of a Teen/Young Adult.

I really love my kid. He's bright, talented, witty, sweet, affectionate, engaging and funny, as well as being the owner of the usual number of less admirable foibles. And he still provides me with a veritable dragon's hoard of potential anecdotes, triumphs, disasters, and subjects of interest for discussion... but I can't delve into that treasure trove without potentially pricking the delicate bubble of dignity that all young adults cling to so ferociously. And arguing that many of those potential stories reflect at least as unflatteringly on myself as they do on him would not excuse me for exposing him to involuntary public scrutiny, no matter how sympathetic that scrutiny might be.

But make no mistake. I may be boringly quiet on the family story front, but I am still actively and enthusiastically a Mom.

Even, you know, at 2am on weekend nights.**

** oops, might have slipped a bit there on the disclosure front...


Jane Carlstrom aka Glorious Hats said...

As always, you leave the reader "wanting more" -- another very enjoyable read.

timary said...

I think you are right. My brand new (age 13) teenager is already showing signs of not wanting too much attention - he was recently embarrassed by old photos of him as a toddler! Guess I better watch my step. :)

Nancy K. said...

My Grandsons love it when I threaten to ground their mother (my oldest daughter) if she doesn't do what I want her to do.